I love helping people reconnect with their true potential by melding my experience in medicine, bodywork skills and intuition to address my client's needs in a holistic manner.
I am a consummate student and continue to study bodywork and build my own practice. I also enjoy teaching massage, managing a spa, and advocating for safe skin care. I have been fortunate to align myself with like-minded, skilled bodyworkers with the objective of offering unparalleled, integrity-based, service.

In 1980, I began studying health in college hoping to work in the emerging field of complimentary and alternative medicine. After twenty years of working in western (allopathic) medicine, I had no idea that my original objective would be realized when I discovered the benefits of massage therapy. I started my professional career as a clinical research manager after earning a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.  Working for UCLA and surrounding community hospitals, my job dealt with the effect of stress on the body. Little did I know, I was becoming increasing stressed by the on-call demands of my job.

After moving to the Conejo Valley in 2000, I decided to enroll in massage school quite by accident. I accompanied a friend to massage school as she was considering enrolling. We sat in on a class and she volunteered me as the subject. Soon, several people were working on me. I was nervous, intimidated and then curiously intrigued by the peace I felt as I began to let my mind wander. I was struck by the power of reconnecting to my own mind/body energy. By the end of the day, I had become part of the class and began the initial 1000 hour journey obtain my massage therapy license. I left clinical research and never looked back.

I built my practice on the use of virgin organic coconut oil and, from its inception, I immersed myself in the natural products industry, educating clients and consumers about the importance of ingredient sourcing. The phrase “What you put on your body, you put in your body” made sense, especially as I was offering bodywork as a means to promote overall health.  We shouldn't have to choose health over beauty or vice versa. It's my pleasure to offer services that allow clients to achieve uncompromised health AND beauty.


Truly yours, 



"We have moved way past treating an health issue.

We are truly promoting health."

- B. Y. MD after a recent session


"Patti is the high priestess of Zen." 

- K. Kelly, DC

“When I met Patti Coughlin of True Face and Body, I immediately got a good vibe from her. She is attentive, values quality products and services, and is an absolute pleasure to be around. My back was hurting a lot from working so much so I booked a full-body hot-stone massage. The warm scented oils and hot stones were so soothing and I felt instantly relaxed.  You can tell that Patti knows what areas to focus on for your specific body.  She puts on Chakra balancing music during the massage and doesn’t say a word the entire time, unless she needs you to turn and then she uses a low and sweet voice.  The whole experience was calming and put me in a beautiful state of mind. My back no longer hurts and I was really happy for the rest of the week after my appointment with Patti! I am now a loyal client who can’t imagine going to anyone else.”

- Caroline Buhler, Business Woman


"Search no more."

"Thank you, Patti! I have to “search no more” for help with healing and relaxation. I have tried a lot of massage therapist over the years and I can say without hesitation, you are the best! Your knowledge of the human body, massage techniques and personal skills are tops. You have really moved me forward in the healing process. The ways you work on the body with your combination of techniques really address the issues at hand. It is not one size fits all. I love the warm stones and the wonderful lotions you use too. I leave each session feeling like I am improving my health and well being. I feel balanced and relaxed. I have to “search no more”. I can’t thank you enough."

Margaret Miller, Property Management


"She listens, and more importantly, hears what you need"

"Patti Coughlin is a Master Masseuse! I highly recommend Patti for a relaxing yet energizing massage. She brings her whole, lovely self to a massage. She listens and, more importantly, hears what you need. Her skillful massage and warm, genuine nature make the massage everything it is supposed to be. Go to Patti for a massage that makes a difference."

 - Sue Hines, Radio Show Host


"Her experienced techniques help to relieve my pain"

“Patti has been a god send since I started coming to her for therapeutic massage treatments. I have a chronic back problem that can be very painful and her experienced techniques help to relieve my pain and relax the rest of my body so I can get on with the rest of my week. Usually I am fearful of massage therapy as it normally is an excruciating experience…..Patti however works around the area to loosen the tension before addressing the inflamed muscles. Each appointment since has been tailored to address the current aches/pains/restless areas of my body and I always find I have the best night sleep after I have had a session with Patti! Her organic lotions, the soft linens and especially for me, the relaxing scents that fill the room, allow my time with her to be the most relaxing and rejuvenating of my entire week. Thanks Patti, you’re a real blessing!”

 - Claudine Adlington, Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence


“Her technique is impeccable”

“I am a client of Patti Coughlin, Licensed Massage Therapist.   I have been a client for 3+ years and would (and have!) recommend Patti to my closest family and friends.  Patti provides a comfortable environment and professional approach with each and every interaction.   Although I am not a clinician, I am a lover of massage, and her technique is impeccable.  She has an amazing perception with hertouch.  Patti is insightful in understanding what my body needs even when I don’t seem to know.   I am lucky to have her as a partner in my health and well being!”

 - Beth Ginzinger, President and CEO of Radiant,  VP of Well Point



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